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ISBN: 9781419928345
July 2010
Ellora’s Cave Publication
129 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Alicia Silverwood is stunned when the Earl of Dorchester has proposed marriage to her.

The Earl of Dorchester is at an age when marriage is something he must consider. He has found that Alicia is the perfect candidate thanks to the Marquis de Beaumont.

Marquis de Beaumont has the perfect proposition for the Earl. Marry the girl and tup her as much as he likes, as long as he is able to prepare her for her wedding night.

When Alicia is waiting for her wedding night, she finds the Marquis and not the Earl has entered her bed chamber. What happens next both thrills her and makes her feel as if she is a hoyden. But after a night of fulfilling passion she finds herself satisfied beyond belief. Having two lords at her disposal is wonderful, but what happens when a third is thrown into the mix?

My Three Lords is such a tantalizing tale you will feel your body heating up and your senses coming alive. Ms. Bell tells a story that brings out the sensuality in the erotica genre. Alicia is so strong-willed, a fact that I loved since her backbone was needed to deal with the hardheaded men in the story. I also like how the complications within the story continued to climb, especially when the third lord was added. This is a sensual delight that will keep you fantasizing for days to come.

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