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Hidden Senses Trilogy
Book 1 - Mystic Perceptions

Book 1 in the Hidden Senses Trilogy
ISBN #9781935048633
September 2010
Class Act Books
225 Pages
Romantic Suspense/Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Jacinda Brown has a gift; she can feel the emotions of people she touches, or in her day job, verify the provenance of antique furniture. She avoids crowds and getting too close to strangers.

Reid Merrit is a tenacious and anti-social detective. His work is his life and vice versa. His partner Brent is his only close friend.

Women are being murdered and left for the police to find. The killer has left no clues and the bodies are immaculately clean, further confounding the authorities. When one of the victims turns out to be a very wealthy and well-connected client of Jac Brown's, the woman's family arranges for her to help the police. At first Reid and Jac clash, but antagonism soon turns to something else.

This is a very well crafted and suspenseful story with an interesting paranormal twist. Jac's ability to read objects and people is both a gift and a curse to her. Reid's avoidance of people is a result of a failed relationship. Reid and his partner Brent's personalities are very different, adding another perspective to the investigation. The author does a great job of developing both the investigation and the relationship between Jac and Reid. I love a good suspense story and did not put this one down until the last sentence.

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