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ISBN#: 9780758229205
May 25, 2010
Kensington Publishing Corp.
327 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Lacey Gears is proud of who she is. As a deaf artist, others perceive her as “hearing impaired” but she feels that is a misnomer.

Monica Bowman is a woman who has written a novel about building your life up using architectural words. She feels her fiancé wrote most of the book and thinks everyone sees her for the fraud she feels she is.

When Lacey gets a note stating she has a twin sister, she feels that someone is playing a joke on her. Seeing her face stare back at her from a book cover has her wondering what is going on. As she struggles to find the truth, she is shocked to find out that Monica is her twin sister. Feeling she was abandoned while Monica got the privileged life, Lacey sets out to wreak havoc on her biological family’s lives never expecting the outcome she gets.

My Sister’s Voice is an astonishing novel with one unbelievable event after another. Ms. Carter tells a story using a strong and sympathetic pen with hints of bitterness and revenge that leave the reader trying to grasp how Lacey must feel. The upheaval that both Lacey and Monica felt as their lives were turned upside down have you wanting to hold them and help them anyway you can. This is a beautifully written tale that has you asking “what if” at every turn of the page. This is one amazing book with powerful emotions that will leave you aching for all Lacey and Monica have lost but more important all they gain.

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