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ISBN: (13)978-0-373-79474-4/(10)0-373-79474-6
May 2009
Harlequin Blaze
219 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Just the thought of returning to Greece gives Cara Sokol the chills. She lost a good deal of her identity on these beautiful islands, and it has taken a long time to regain some of that.

Spending the summer with his aunt and uncle on Aphrodisias is a good way for Yannis Petrides to earn some money before heading back to school in the States in the fall. A little relaxation and maybe some summer fun is all he is looking forward to, but being blindsided by a temperamental gorgeous redhead is what he gets.

The time she spent trying to win her Greek husband's affections nearly cost Cara her health. No matter how thin or how blond she tried to be, it was never enough, but since his death, she has finally taken control of her life. Coming back to Greece is seriously trying that control, and after meeting Yannis, she is not at all certain she will ever regain it. Yannis finds himself desperately yearning for Cara every minute of every day, but when he learns of her past and what she has hidden from him, it is like a slap in the face; he cannot abide lies and deceit, especially after it almost cost his father's freedom.

From the very beginning this story fairly oozes romance; a summer spent in the Greek isles sounds just about perfect. Cara fights to rebuild her self esteem, and Yannis is the perfect man for the project. He is strong and self assured, with just a bit of Greek cockiness thrown in for good measure. Their story is maybe a little predictable, but wonderfully entertaining to read.

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