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ISBN: 9781594487583/ 9781594485183/ 9781101434291/ 9781101434628/ 9780142427828
June 2010
Riverheads Books, an imprint of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.
Hardcover/ Paperback/ Adobe Reader/ ePub/ Audio
$25.95/ $15.00/ $9.99/ $9.99/$39.95
336 Pages/ 352 Pages/ 11 Hours-9 CD’s
Rating: 4 Cups

Daniel has known Sophia in one form or another for over 1400 years. The first time he laid eyes on her, he fell in love with her even as he watched her die by his own hands.

Lucy cannot understand what it is about Daniel that has her wanting him to notice her. When he finally does, he calls her Sophia and scares her enough that she runs from him.

Even as Daniel tries to stay away, his heart will not allow him to. A year goes by, and then another before he realizes that by showing his interest he has inadvertently put Sophia/Lucy in danger. Determined to finally save the woman he loves from fate that has split them time after time and century after century, Daniel finally tells Sophia/Lucy about his “gift” of remembering souls and each life he has lived. Will Daniel be able to save the woman he has loved for over a millennium, or will he once again come so close to holding her in his arms only to have her ripped away from him?

My Name is Memory is a poignant tale with lines such as “You are my first memory every time, the single thread in all of my lives. It is you who makes me a person”. Ms. Brashares takes the reader on a journey through many time changes and adventures as we see Daniel in the present as well as the past as he finds his beloved Sophia time and again. Each event leading up to their meeting is fraught with emotional upheaval and a different tale that has the reader feeling as if they are reading many different stories all wrapped up into the pages. Not only is this novel unique, but it is full of a powerful plot that will grab you from the beginning. However, I should warn you to watch out because once you finish you will be craving more.

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