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The Inferno Club Series
Book 1: My Wicked Marquess, June 30, 2009
Book 2: My Dangerous Duke, June 29, 2010
Book 3: My Irresistible Earl, March 29, 2011

The Inferno Club, Book 3
ISBN# (10) 0061733962/ (13)9780061733963/9781410436566
March 29, 2011
Harper Collins Publishers
E Book/Print/Large Print Hardcover
557 pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Mara met Jordan when she was little more than a fresh debutante, full of dreams and aspirations. When he disappeared to parts unknown, she went on with her life, marrying a man she did not love. Now with her child in tow and the freedom that Society grants a widow, she knows what she wants, and Jordan is not on the list.

Jordan was ripped from the woman he loved by his life as a spy for the realm. He followed the actions of Mara discreetly, knowing when she married and had a child. But now her husband is gone and when she again appears in his life, he is pretty certain that he will be able to resist the temptation of her ivory flesh. But when his job involves the seduction of the lady, will he be able to separate business and pleasure?

Together, tossed about on a sea of treachery and intrigue, these two star-crossed lovers are thrown into a political escapade that endangers Mara’s tiny son. Will the love that began at an inn so many years ago flourish in these unfortunate circumstances, or will they rise above the trials and manage to stay together? With Mara certain she is not interested in passion, yet drawn to Jordan, and he tempted by her every move, the two are in for sparks. But the sparks may lead to the long burning fire of love rather than the shorter inferno of passion; that is, if they can keep from getting killed along the way.

Mara is the kind of realistic heroine which this reader loves to find hidden on the pages of historicals. Without façade or ego, this main character instead knows she has weaknesses and is willing to present them to the hero for resolution. Her saga is something that will ring familiar even in our modern day while still being historically accurate in its presentation. A fun story that will have readers flipping pages in enthusiasm to see if they work it out.

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