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A Souls in Jeopardy Story
ISBN#: 9781607352419
February 9, 2011
Resplendence Publishing, LLC
262 pages
Paranormal Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Corrine LaFarge was beaten and sold for the coin to serve up drinks to her loser sot of a husband. In retribution, she poisoned him and refused forgiveness, damning her to punishment in the pits of hell. But when the Devil decides he has a use for her, her punishment is traded for the use of her body again, this time to tempt men to give their souls to the demon. Will this be worse than being whipped in the fiery pit or will her punishment turn out to be the greatest pleasure her soul has ever encountered?

Blalock was happy being a demon. Taking his whip to the backs of the damned was all he ever wanted from his existence. But when the Devil chooses him to teach a woman how to tempt and tease men to sin, will he be able to do this task as he has followed his master's other edicts? Or will the sins of the flesh tempt him into betraying all that he has ever known?

Brought together by evil, these two must endeavor to tease an arrogant and hypocritical lord to the punishment that his sins require. But if they are more driven to touch each other than do their jobs, will Beelzebub find a punishment worse than either had ever imagined? Or will they find something neither of them had ever hoped for… love?

Demons and the damned frolic between the sheets in this paranormal feast set in ancient times. Although the characters have a few lines that are quite amusing, the dialogue on the whole was not as fun as the set up could have allowed. The passion was believable and the erotic scenes were steamy, but much foreshadowing gave away most of the plot pretty early on, leaving the punch of the ending as more of a gentle tap.

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