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ISBN#: 9780824947934
February 2010
Ideals Publication, a division of Guideposts
272 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

When her parents died, Claire Prescott took over raising her younger sister and has been there for her ever since. When Missy cannot take a class at Oxford about Jane Austen due to a pregnancy issue, Claire states that she will leave Kansas City and do it for her.

Harriet Dalrymple belongs to a secret society called the Formidables. What she has in her cottage is something that most people would love to get their hands on but she has vowed to protect with all her being.

Claire begins the classes with trepidation. She feels completely out of her league surrounded by doctors, journalists, and professors. But knowing that no one knows her, she decides to make herself into a whole new person, beginning with the very interesting James Beaufort. As the week progresses, Claire meets Harriet, begins to have feelings for James, and uncovers secrets that could shock the Jane Austen community. As her world begins tumbling down around her, she will come to some very shocking discoveries not only about the famous author, but about herself that will change her life forever.

Mr. Darcy Broke My Heart is an interesting story full of twists, turns, and revelations that I found to be quite intriguing. Beth Pattillo gives us Claire, a woman who may not be a huge Jane Austen fan, but who understands the basis of the story of Pride and Prejudice, enough to know what happens in the end. What I found completely fascinating about this novel is that while I have never read nor seen Pride and Prejudice, the way the author explains the story along with the secrets that will be revealed, one does not need to have read the Jane Austen book to understand this novel. When I finished this book, the greatest impression made upon me was the revolving words that were brought forth from this storyline: “What if”? To understand what I am saying, you will just have to pick up the novel yourself to see what I mean.

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