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The Eye Spy Series
Book 1 - With My Little Eye
Book 2 - Something Green
Book 3 - Ghost in the Graveyard - features characters from the series
Book 4 - Mother May I

The Eye Spy Series Book 4
ISBN#: 978-1-61040-090-9
November 2010
Torquere Press
248 Pages
Gay Erotic Romance, Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

DB is a private investigator whose partner just happens to be a ghost and his lover.

Jesse is the ghost that DB is in love with. He assists DB and goes where DB cannot to help DB with his investigations. He died in the 1980’s and has the bad hairstyle to prove it.

When DB is finally ready to hire a new secretary, he has no idea just how hard that job is going to be. People that have no business applying for the job show up. Jesse making wisecracks from the background does not help either. DB has finally had it and makes it clear exactly what he is looking for and ends up hiring the unflappable Sandra. It is not long before both DB and Jesse know they have made the right decision. Right on the heels of this, the duo pick up a case of rich and very unlikeable man who is having mother problems, meaning his dead mother will not leave him or his dates alone. Since DB started working with Jesse, word has gotten around that he can help with ghost problems. Of course only a select few know about Jesse, but since DB can actually see and communicate with ghosts it is a moot point. It becomes apparent very quickly that there is something fishy about both their rich client and his dead mother. Separating the two is going to be a problem because the mother is bound and determined to protect her money from her son. Into this quagmire comes DB’s mother for a visit and thus ruining DB and Jesse’s sex life, such as it is. The interruptions do not whither the love these two have for each other though, nor does the fact that touching each other in a tangible way is not always possible. Will the team be able to convince their client’s mother to move on? Will DB and Jesse’s relationship ever progress to the level of true physicality?

Mother May I is a truly entertaining and fun read! Jesse’s dry sense of humor along with his bad 80’s hairdo really had me cracking up on more than one occasion. Mr. Zachray’s view of the afterlife and the possibility of a ghost being able to have a romantic relationship with someone who is still alive is intriguing. I also really enjoyed the PI angle and the whole idea of a PI working with a ghost to solve crimes and help people. This idea is very original in my opinion. The sex scenes are truly singe worthy as well and definitely spice up this story. After reading Mother May I, I have every intention of purchasing any other books with these characters, and I encourage anyone who loves gay romance, and or mysteries to do so as well!

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