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ISBN: (13) 978-0-7582-2862-8, (10) 0-7582-2862-7
June 2009
Kensington Publishing Corporation
Trade Paperback
304 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Hidden Cravings

Lexy Signorino does not deny herself the joys of an active sex life, but she does not ‘do’ relationships. After losing her parents and then her first love, she has decided it is just too painful to put her heart out there.

Family means everything to Devon Kaye, and the only reason he is knocking on Lexy’s door is to enlist her help in finding his cousin, or so he keeps telling himself.

Devon almost lost his heart to Lexy once, and he is determined not to do so again. A year ago, they could not keep their hands off of each other, and then suddenly she broke off all contact. The heat between them burns as hot as ever, but Devon wants more. Lexy knows it is all or nothing with Devon, but is she willing to risk her heart to have this man in her life?

Lexy and Devon are arousing and arresting. They fit the bill for two of the hottest and commanding individuals, and I would love to see them break out into their own series.

Unrestricted Access

As a domina, Jillian Furst takes great pride in drawing out the most exquisite experience in pain and pleasure for her subs.

One look at Jackson Barrows, and there is no doubt that he is all male through and through. After being hurt years ago, he makes sure the inner desire he has to be controlled is very well hidden.

Jillian has had an intense attraction for her neighbor since she moved in, but his emotional barriers have kept her from pursuing that attraction. Maybe just maybe she can get him to agree to one night of no-holds-barred sex with absolutely no commitments. Jack is struck speechless when he learns of Jillian’s true nature, but the powerful urge to give in to his private desire is hard to deny.

If you have never read BDSM, this story is the perfect introduction to that genre. It is all in the perspective, and these expertly written characters truly enhance the experience.

No Angel

Since birth, Anna Blair has had the cursed ability of demons. She is now a demon hunter, but recently the tides have turned, and they have started coming for her.

To say that Gabriel Mann has an eccentric family is putting it mildly. With psychics, shape shifters, and empaths as relatives, little surprises him anymore.

Anna has never really known family or friends since the death of her mother, but seeing others enjoy the ease of such things pains her heart. She may enjoy the release and satisfaction of sex on occasion, but her entire existence revolves around hunting demons. Gabe is somehow different from the men she normally meets, and when he takes her home to his family, she realizes why.

The characters in this story are sexy, quirky, and fun. They enliven the story with their innocence and desire to help those around them, and their need to form a bond that is much more than skin deep.

The stories in this book are all unique and exciting in their own way. Each character easily holds your attention, and the plots are just as captivating. I flew through this in one sitting, and that may be my only regret. I wanted to keep on reading! Ms. White is a fabulously talented writer, and purchasing any of her books is money well spent.

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