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ISBN: 9781607378587
September 2010
Loose ID, LLC
148 Pages
GLBT; Paranormal; Multicultural
Rating: 3 Cups

Jamie Cowan lives far from home now and is determined to figure out exactly who he is. Although he knows he is gay, he has not yet come out and is terrified that taking that final step will be a mistake.

Tomás Tejedor de Luna, better known as Spider, is a weaver with a special gift. Whenever the moon rises and until it sets, he makes beautiful scenes of what is yet to come.

When Jamie meets Spider, he is instantly attracted to the bigger man and is shocked to find that he is willing to explore his feelings of desire. Spider feels the same way about the playwright and somehow convinces him to come to his place and stay for a few days so they can discover more about each other and the passion they feel. Knowing Spider has a secret, Jamie is shocked to find out it is something he can relate to and does in the most unexpected way. Just as they begin to fit into each others’ lives, a horrible mistake may take Spider from Jamie permanently.

Moonspun is an intriguing story that had me feeling for both characters. Lee Benoit uses colorful descriptions to paint the picture of two men determined to find out who they are and what they want from each other. The slow pace the characters take toward completing the sexual act was a breath of fresh air and allowed me to really get to know them before they plunged into having sex. This paranormal tale is different than I have read in the past, and I enjoyed the uniqueness of the book.

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