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ISBN#: 9780345498182/9780345498199
May 20, 2008/ June 23, 2009
Ballantine Books
320 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Clare Hart grew up on Nantucket with her best friend by her side. There was nothing these two did not share. After a horrible argument, her friend left the island. Clare moved on with her life and opened Sweet Hart’s, a chocolate company. The triumphs of her life were just not the same because she could not share them with her friend.

Lexi Laney used to be Clare’s best buddy. Moon Shell Beach was the name they gave to their own private place where they shared their secrets, hopes and dreams. Lexi has returned to Nantucket with apologies to everyone she hurt when she left them ten years ago. Will it be enough to repair the relationships she left behind?

During summer break from college, Lexi’s family was experiencing some financial difficulties. She made a decision which allowed her to fulfill her dream of leaving the island and traveling, but she hurt the people who loved her most. Clare was devastated when Lexi married a man who, according to the Nantucket natives, was destroying their island. Awful things were said and Clare lived her life, missing her friend, but moving on. When word comes that Lexi Laney is divorced and moving back to the island, a flicker of excitement moves through Clare, but her expectations are low that the friendship can be rebuilt. There is a lot of hurt and resentment to work through before they get back to the place they once were.

This is a book so genuine, I dare you to keep it from making a difference in you life. I found myself wanting to reach out and call a friend I have not spoken to in seventeen years. These two girls shared everything they could possibly share. When one made a bad decision, the other was not afraid to let her know. That is what friendship is all about. Ms. Thayer writes about real people and emotions in a way which pulls the reader into the story. Many times throughout the reading of this book, I felt as if I were right there with these women. Allow this tale to touch your heart and soul.

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