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The Star Shadow Trilogy
Book 1 - Star Ascendant
Book 2 - Eclipse
Book 3 - Moonset

Book 3 Of The Star Shadow Trilogy
ISBN# 978-1-59426-444-3
October 2010
Mundania Press, LLC.
241 pages
Rating: 3 cups

Captain Benten Liss is the captain for the chaos riders. Benten has been questioning his faith to the gods of chaos because of his love for a woman deemed a traitor.

Kaldar is a magi for the gods of order. It is his and his wife's mission to destroy the wand of chaos and bring order back to the world.

As the gods of chaos try to continue to hold their power over the world of men, the gods of order are trying hard to reestablish their own power over men. With most humans on the side of the current ruling gods of chaos, there is a small band of humans who are trying to help restore the power of the gods of order. Kaldar, with the help of Captain Benten, is going to make a desperate attempt to complete the mission his wife failed at. Will Benten and Kaldar succeed or will their plan to overthrow the current gods in power cost them their own lives?

Moonset is a well written story. The world created by Louise Cooper is actually pretty fantastic. The overall story line however is a little dry and in my opinion does not really do much to grab the reader's attention. There are some seriously slow parts in this book that just overshadow a lot of the better parts of the story. If the story line would have been a little peppier this book would easily have been a 4.

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