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Moonlight Trilogy

Book 1 Moonlight in the Morning
Book 2 Stranger in the Moonlight
Book 3: Moonlight Masquerade

Moonlight Trilogy, Book 3
ISBN # 9781416509769
22 January 2013
Pocket Books
385 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Dr. Reede Aldredge is the grumpiest doctor Edilean has ever known. From his surly disposition to his horrid bedside manner and habit of telling people the bald truth without a bit of sugar to sweeten the blow. Of course, what the town cannot grasp is that Reede is sick and tired of being compared to his happy go lucky cousin and cannot wait to put Edilean and his childhood inadequacies behind him.

Sophie is in trouble and needs a place to hide out for a while. When her college friend offers her a place to live in Edilean and a job as an assistant to the town doctor, Sophie jumps on the chance. It does not take her long to settle in, spruce up the doctor’s depressing apartment and cook some savory dishes for his supper. Although she does find it odd that the two of them have not managed to meet face to face.

Reede is horrified to realize that the woman with the amazing phone voice who has been cooking and cozying up his apartment is also the woman he almost ran down one dark night in his car. Drawn to Sophie, Reede is determined to make up for every bit of bad behavior and change his ways. If only he can keep up the masquerade long enough for Sophie to believe the best instead of the worst.

This is definitely a fresh and interesting premise with characters that really encourage the reader to like them. It is a little odd however to begin a romance with a “ships passing in the night” style that leaves you wondering why our heroine keeps getting the short end of the stick. I would suggest picking up the other two books in the trilogy just to catch up with the loveable cast of secondary characters.

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