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ISBN: 9780345505880-Paperback/ 9780345515766-eBook
June 2009
Del Rey Books, an imprint of Random House Publishing Group
$7.99(USA) $9.99(CAN)-Paperback/$6.99-eBook
352 Pages-Paperback/ 288 Pages-eBook
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Dr. Abra Barrow loves animals but has never thought about being one herself. Now her soon-to-be ex-husband has taken that choice from her, turning her into a werewolf. With her heat coming soon, the body that she knows intimately has now started to show extra weird symptoms.

Red Mallin has his own secrets that he wants kept that way. As a wildlife rescue worker, he constantly finds himself confronting animals that are a danger to themselves as well as to him. When Abra starts to go into her heat, his already intense desire for her becomes almost uncontrollable.

Now that Abra is divorcing her ex and dating a sexy man like Red, her life should be running a lot smoother than it is. Her unruly body is setting off wave after wave of hormones, attracting men who would not even think to look twice at her. If that is not enough of a problem, suddenly there seems to be an epidemic of weirdness in the small town where she lives. Normal dogs are changing into wolves, feline house cats are changing into bobcats, humans are becoming outrageously aggressive, and the January weather suddenly feels like it is July. Who can Abra trust when everywhere she turns the people she has always relied on suddenly go into attack mode, and Abra is their chew toy?

At times very well written, sometimes confusing, and other times dry, Moonburn is a book that sometimes had me on the edge of my seat and at other times I wanted to just put the story down and walk away. This is the second story that Ms. Sheckley has written about Abra Barrow and that in itself is sometimes contradictory. For the most part, this tale can be read as a standalone, but there are parts that are a little hazy and baffling, leaving me with an impression of needing to read the first story. One of the best elements of this story is how Abra is considered a coward, not only by herself but by most of the werewolf community; however, she is the one who ultimately plays the biggest role as a heroine. While the puzzling parts of the book are distracting, this novel on the whole is a good book filled with action, romance, sexy alpha men, hot sex scenes, and one woman who shows that sometimes it is the quiet ones you have to watch out for.

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