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ISBN#: 0425235483/9780425235485
July 6, 2010
Berkley Sensation Books
293 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Working for the FBI, Special Agent Elizabeth Brynn lives life by the books. The one time she bent the rules was for Patrick O’Conner, who traded information and cooperation for his sister’s freedom years ago. When the jewel-thief-turned-author shows back up on her radar in time to meddle with a money laundering investigation at a casino, she is determined not to move off the beaten path. Now, if only her hormones would agree with logic.

Patrick O’Conner writes crime and lives the high life in Hollywood. No one sees that his life is a shell, meant to protect others from his dark and unforgivable past. Once a brilliant thief, he gave it all up for his sister. Now the sister owns a casino and has a child, but calls him for help again. Someone has been using her to clean up fake money. When he swoops in to save her from an evil more dangerous than she guesses, will he be able to resist the one woman who can give him the one thing money can’t buy?

The straight laced cop and the nefarious thief are brought back together to go undercover. Will they stop the counterfeiter or end up under cover...literally?

A fun filled joyride through a game of cops and robbers, this story steals your breath with both laughter and passion. From the top of his perfectly groomed head to the heels of his lethal feet, Patrick is the epitome of a bad guy who wants to be good. Sure, his marshmallow center has dark chocolate chunks, but it just adds to his mystique. And when we learn that Liz hides a fiery side and a closet full of cocktail dresses behind her all-business exterior, you start to really hope that these two work through all their myriad of issues and tear each other’s clothes off. All in all, an exceptionally satisfying trip to the casino without the gamble...because the reader will win when flipping the pages of this fantastic tale.

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