Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN #978-0-7582-3510-7
May 2010
Kensington Books
426 Pages
Contemporary Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Rue has always been the calm good sister, but she has not been lucky in her life. She survived a car accident with scarring to her face and cancer last year, and her ex-husband cheated on her. She loves her daughter and her sister dearly even when they are not so lovable.

Laura is the difficult sister. She has always been cantankerous and wild and she will not admit to being in love with Webb, her longtime friend and now employee. She is a hard worker but not a people person by any means.

Heidi was once the girls' stepsister. She never fit in at the farm and was a target for cruel pranks by Laura. She is on the run from an ex who is being investigated by the District Attorney's Office back in Brooklyn. One man has already been put in the hospital for giving information, and Heidi does not want to be next.

The Sassy Spinsters Farm is about to have one of the most memorable summers ever. The once run down farm is now a paying enterprise, teaching bored or interested women how to be farmers. Out of the blue a former stepsister shows up looking for a place to hide, despite the way she was treated twenty years ago. Rue's ex is getting married and her daughter is not happy about it. Laura is trying to decide whether she is good enough for Webb, and this is only the beginning.

This is a great relationship story. Anyone with a sister will enjoy meeting Rue, Laura, and Heidi and reading about their stories. There is a great deal of humor in the story and you will laugh as well as cry. The guests, or inmates as Laura calls them, are pretty colorful and so are the various animals, most of whom are named after television and movie stars. I loved Rue's passion for old movies and songs and Fred the chicken.

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