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Miss Delacourt Series
Book 1: Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind
Book 2: Miss Delacourt Has Her Day

Sequel to Miss Delacourt Speaks her Mind
ISBN: 9780803477162
February 2011
Avalon Books, an imprint of Thomas Bouregy & Co., Inc.
192 Pages
Historical Romance; Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

Ginny Delacourt has finally found the love of her life. But before she can walk down the aisle, life interrupts.

Sir Anthony loves Ginny and he will do whatever it takes to prove it. When his uncle gives him an ultimatum, Anthony decides he is ready to prove, once and for all, his love for Ginny.

Ginny cannot believe how many people feel she is not proper bride material now that Anthony’s status has changed. But she is determined to prove everyone wrong, and she goes out of her way to do so. Meanwhile, Anthony has his own goals to accomplish and he is trying to overcome the obstacles without letting Ginny know what is going on. Can Ginny and Anthony get approval from those who are closest to them or will their plans for marital bliss fall through?

Miss Delacourt Has Her Day is a good novel that contains characters from a previous story. I was slightly lost at times, especially when the tale lead towards the previous storyline. Ms. Ashworth’s writing style has a Jane Austin feel about it. I really liked how the moral of the story was encased throughout the pages as Ginny struggled to fit into what everyone thought a true Duchess would act like as she fought against her very nature. This is a steady historical romance that has spots of witticism, adventure, and two people who are willing to change for the ones they love.

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