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ISBN: 9781426897603/ ASIN: B00F942U0U
December 5 2013
Carina Press
77 pages
Contemporary Christmas Novella Anthology
Rating: 4 Cups

Ashley Turner decides to get away from Sunny California and travel to wintry London to give herself a "real" Christmas. She does a house swap and has a list of what she wants to do, ready for the new journey.

Oliver Stansfeld is in need of some sunshine, and designing games is not enough to keep his thoughts away from the holiday season. He is hoping to escape the hustle and bustle and holiday fun. He is not ready for the change in plans due to weather when his sunny destination is put on delay for just a bit.

Being asleep in a strange house, in an unknown country, is the least of Ashley's surprises. Waking up in someone else's bed with a stranger and then fighting them to protect herself is over the top. Hurting herself within the first 48 hours and having to rely on Oliver is the beginning of her worries. Seeing the undeniably attractive, yet hesitant owner of the home she will stay in, puts a damper on her "Merry" Christmas plans. He grudgingly goes along with her holiday plans for his house, but he plans to stay true to not celebrating, even if he has to check flights and go away at the last minute to escape any signs of the holiday. He even gets to work abroad. Everything should go as planned...or not.

This book paints pictures so real you will want to swap houses for a while to go abroad and enjoy new scenery. You encounter so many awkward moments that it keeps you tickled and smiling. Walking with a Christmas tree, in heels, will never end up good. The background history of the two main characters' lives are a huge magnet that drew me in. Their abilities to finally overcome their pain and secrets are the strongest and most satisfying parts of the book. Handicaps, death, escape, and pain are not easy to overcome. Having friends that love Ashley instantly, Oliver is seeing it is not so easy to be grumpy around sunny Ashley. We need the recipe for Ashley's hot chocolate. It was sweet and rich like a mint, sure to put anyone in a better mood, especially grouchy Oliver. I give this book 4 stars. There was never a dull moment. It was touching and classy, yet the timing, environment, and pace of the book were a good match. It was a good read.

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