Coffee Time Romance & More




December 2010
170 Pages
Young Adult, Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Cameron Winters has been hiding for as long as she can remember. Presenting a facade of normalcy to everyone around her, Cam lets her grandmother run her life for fear of them finding out that she is a mind reader.

Lewis will do anything he must to tempt Cameron into leaving with him. The battle between mind readers and the Society of Paranormal Investigation is amping up and Cameron is the key to winning the day.

Constantly ignoring the ability she has and the good she could do, Cameron jumps at the chance of getting out from under her Grandmother. The gorgeous and mysterious, Lewis offers her a new way to live and a link to her long-dead father. But are things too good to be true? Is she being offered a chance to thrive and help her fellow mind readers or thrust into a war where the lines of right and wrong will be blurred?

When Cameron is thrust blind into an ongoing war, how can she pick sides? Lori Brighton creates a string of very strong characters that all play their roles exceedingly well. The rebelliousness and confusion of a seventeen-year-old girl thrust into the unexpected are exactly what they should be. The ending really made me mad though. It was meant to be an opening to the next book, but even so, the final events of the book that lead to the open ending upset me. All in all, a pretty good book even with an ending that might upset you.

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