Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 978-1-60313-774-4
January 2010
Whiskey Creek Press
265 Pages
Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Rating: 3 Cups

Her entire life, Dr. Brody McAlister has known she was a little different than everyone around her, except for her mother and grandmother. They too have special gifts, but Brody’s centers on her ability to communicate with animals, which should be a bonus in her line of work, but the pain involved is excruciating.

It may not have lasted very long, but at one time Detective J.T. Flynn was a happily married man very much looking forward to having a family. All of that changed with his ex’s deception, and now he comes home to an empty house with an even emptier heart.

Becoming a house-call vet is the only way Brody can do the job she loves, and still be able to function physically. However, this particular house call completely rattles her every nerve. JT responds to the murder scene and is immediately taken in by the beautiful young doctor, but when he uncovers her special ability, he is completely floored. Brody’s confession to JT surprises her as much as it does him; she never tells strangers about her gift. But when push comes to shove, can she really trust this cop not to destroy everything she has worked so hard to achieve?

Anyone who loves animals and has pets at home can totally relate to what a joy they can bring to our lives. But for Brody’s character, her special skill is as much a gift as it is a hindrance, and I find that she seems slightly immature, and childish considering her age and occupation. The basset hound Boomer, however, steals the show, and his connection to JT is completely heart warming and hilarious. I think they make a great pair, and with their constant mishaps, they are sure to steal your heart as well.

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