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ISBN# 9780991679560
May 2013
Forever More Publishing
103 Pages
YA Romance Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Mika Taylor has to face attending the first day of school, without her best friend who has moved away. She feels alone until she sees Trent, a young boy who has caught her eye last year.

Trent Hunter is from the Okanagan Indian tribe. Even though he no longer lives on the reservation, there are some things that are still important to him, especially regarding the black cougar.

Mika is overjoyed that she is in the same math class as Trent. As they share time together, she tries not to show her eagerness. After discovering Trent is from the Okanagan Indian tribe, she wishes to learn more. She sets out to discover his lifestyle and culture on the reservation. She especially wishes to hear more about the story of the black cougar. Even though she is not an outdoors person, she is willing to trek the wilds while learning more about his culture. Once she witnesses the black cougar and the way Trent acts about it, she is determined to find out the truth behind the story and his connection with it.

Mika?s Black Cougar is a delightful story that will satisfy not only young adults but anyone. The story moves at a good pace, keeping the reader on a journey that does not disappoint. The blossoming romance that spins around Mika and Trent is beautifully written. The story has a way of making one feel young again, back at school and meeting someone for the first time. Ms. Chenery mixes good secondary characters with a bit of paranormal to make this read great. She allows the reader to share in that feeling of being in love for the first time and an adventure to go along with it.

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