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ISBN: 1601545053
August 2009
The Wild Rose Press
Print/ Ebook
$9.99-Print/ $6.00-Ebook
164 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Dr. Nick Rawlins is ready for a vacation. As a medical examiner, as well as a licensed private investigator, the unbelievable brutality he has seen has left a bad taste in his mouth. When he gets a call from a good friend in Italy about a missing woman, he figures why not take the job since that is where his vacation is going to be anyway.

Krista Vincent knows that her father is worried about her. The fact that she is in her twenties does not seem to faze him from being an overbearing and overprotective dad. Krista is in Italy to learn about a secret, and she refuses to leave until her past is revealed.

When Nick catches up to Krista, he finds himself enthralled with the beautiful woman and the moves she has on stage. So involved in her dance routine, he does not realize until it is too late that someone has shot the dancer. While it is a little setback for her, Krista is determined to learn the truth about Maria and Adriano and what they are to her. But someone is out to make sure the mystery stays buried and will do whatever it takes to keep it that way.

Midnight Cove was a good story. I felt myself sympathizing with Nick when it came to the hard work and sometimes gruesome work he had to perform, all in the name of the law. I found Krista’s dad to be horribly overbearing, and at times I wanted to throttle him. For the most part, Ms. James wrote some good scenes but there were some moments within the storyline that did not keep me as interested, and I found my mind wandering. The story surrounding the mystery as well as the history with the cove kept me coming back and did not disappoint in the end.

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