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MIA Case Files Series

Book 1 - Wolfsbane

Book 2 - Blood Relations

Book 2 in the MIA Case Files Series
K.C. Burn
ISBN#: 9781607378792
October 2010
Loose ID
203 Pages
LGBT Shape-shifter/Vampire Paranormal
Rating: 5 Cups

Cooper Wallace is an agent in an extremely black ops organization that hunt the Umbrae, demons that take over human bodies and create vampires, werewolves and other types of paranormal creatures.

Frazer Nyland is a college student and house sitter with a twin who is a real creep. Disgusted with his lack-luster love life, and the fact that he cannot seem to get a second date, he goes to another town and a bar he has heard recommended. Fortunately, for him his losing streak is about to end, or is it?

Cooper is tired of being alone, tired of not having a permanent lover, but the agency he works for the Metaphysical Intelligence Agency requires the utmost secrecy and this makes it difficult to get close to anyone. Still one night Cooper decides to go to a local bar and have a drink or two. He is not really looking for anything to happen, but then he meets Frazer. Cooper and Frazer click together immediately almost as if they are two parts of the same whole that have just found each other again. The attraction is positively combustible. Even though both have reservations about hook-ups and one night stands, they are nearly on their way to one when Cooper’s phone goes off and he has to leave without so much as giving Frazer his phone number. this point both Cooper and Frazer are not sure they are going to see each other again, but when one of Cooper’s cases coincides with Frazer’s life and the two become mixed up, they find each other again. The only problem is that both are keeping secrets and the secret that Frazer is keeping leads Cooper to decide that Frazer is the killer he is searching for and he is heartbroken at the idea. Will Cooper and Frazer be able to get to the bottom of what is going on and be together or will the umbrae win?

Wow! Talk about ultra-hot, super sexy, man on man action! I really loved this book! While there are definitely some humorous parts of this book, the suspense and angst of the main characters is what I think really drives this story and makes it a keeper. Ms. Burn takes the whole paranormal world and turns it upside down coming up with a whole new universe and explanation for vampires, werewolves and other supernatural creatures. This is by no means a re-make of the traditional story type paranormal storyline. So often with fiction books about paranormal creatures you get a sort of reworked version with just a few changes, but Ms. Burn created a whole new universe with completely different rules and that makes it a winner. The sex is of course blistering hot, but the angst-filled emotions are what make it just that much more drool-worthy. Seriously, if reading man-on-man action coupled with a truly stupendous storyline is your thing, then you simply must pick up a copy of MIA Case Files: Blood Relations, you will not be sorry!

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