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Ocean Shifters Series

Book 1 - Mere Temptation

Book 2 - Mere Passion

Ocean Shifters 1
ISBN: 1610340531
November 2010
Siren Publishing
123 Pages
Erotic; Paranormal
Rating: 3 Cups

Ismaelda “Isa” Freya is going back to her habitat after twenty years away. Someone has been stalking her and she feels the only safe place is her old home.

Sidon is a sea dragon. He also has a past with Isa and feels both tormented and blissful when she returns to Key Sirena.

Someone is determined to get Isa and she ends up being shot. Sidon has never felt so much anger as he did when he saw the harpoon go through her tail. Frustrated and scared for her safety as well as the other mere that live in the town, he goes to the dragon council. He is not surprised when their efforts do not do much more than target more mere. Now he must race against the clock not only to stop the people who want the mere but also to stop the changes that are affecting Isa in the most unexpected ways.

I like most of Mere Temptation, especially all of the adventurous storylines throughout the book. I must say I was put off a bit by how indecisive Isa was throughout the book, almost up to the last pages. I also did not understand all of the hierarchies between the dragons and the mere other than to notice the prejudices against the mere. I did not understand why they felt that way and felt a little lost each time the topic was brought up. Overall, this is an interesting tale by Ms. Harris with an intriguing world brought to life with the written words.

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