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ISBN# 9780803474615
13 April 2012
Avalon Books
Hard Cover
192 Pages
Historical Romance Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

The weakness in his lungs has made its presence known once again for Myles Trent, Marquis of Hayden. He usually has a couple of weeks before he is completely incapacitated, so he tries to get back to England as quickly as possible.

Her knowledge of plants and herbs, along with a keen sense of how to use them for any number of ailments, keeps Anne Whyte much too busy to worry about men and marriage.

When Myles awakes, he scarcely remembers or cares how he came to be in the care of an angel. He only knows that, whatever she is doing, is working. As Myles recovers, he would love to tell Anne his true identity, but circumstances keep him silent. Anne is quite discomfited around Myles, especially since she is having feelings for him that have nothing to do with treating a patient. Myles is getting closer to uncovering the truth behind the locals’ discontent, yet every step to resolve the problem seems to take him farther away from Anne.

It is wonderful to see a woman of Anne’s intelligence being awarded and accepted by her peers in a historical novel. I like that her father, friends, and most especially Myles, hold her in such high regard, despite the fact that she has never cared to marry. The feelings Myles and Anne have for each other, however, follow the strictest of historical decorum, and any displays are quite minimal. This is a lovely read with very little in the way of dark moments or major conflicts, which in my opinion could actually increase its appeal.

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