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ISBN: 9781607774075
April 2011
Ravenous Romance
205 Pages
Erotica; Paranormal; GLBT
Rating: 4 Cups

Dillon, Mercury’s assistant, is human and he did not want to work on a cruise and skip his first week of college, but he really needed the money. Unbeknownst to him, it would change his life forever.

Mercury the Messenger is supposed to get married to the virgin goddess Vesta. There is one teeny, tiny problem; he is secretly gay.

Vesta is tired of having her virginity hanging over her head and she is determined to get rid of her pesky hymen one way or another. If her unenthusiastic fiancé will not take care of it, she will find someone else who will.

Thor knows he is not the most graceful of gods, but what he lacks in elegance he makes up for in his overall size.

Loki is the jokester and loves nothing more than to cause havoc around him. Thor and him do not really get along all that well.

Dillon knew he was going to be on a cruise full of humans, gods, and goddesses but he was not expecting to be so attracted to Mercury. When Loki and Thor both set their sights on Vesta, she enjoys the chase almost as much as she enjoys their reward for catching her. Meanwhile, a certain terroristic vampire is onboard the ship getting ready to destroy it and a mysterious goddess will use whatever means necessary to get a confession from him. When it comes to erotically charged events, no one can manage it quite as well as a god or goddess can.

Mercury Rising is full of witty conversations, erotic sex, and comedic events. Ms. Harris knows how to entertain readers with her unique talent. There were so many different characters involved in this tale that as a reader you will never get bored with the scenery and events taking place. The difference between Loki and Thor is just one example of how opposite characters and plots mesh so well in this sexy story on the sea. The ending leaves you hoping to see more tales that involve this eclectic group of characters.

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