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ISBN: 13-9781420110203/ 10-1420100209
February 2011
Zebra, an imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp.
$6.99-USA/ $8.99-CAN
410 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

He stalks and seduces them using fantasy words and showy gifts. Then he touches them using pain and degradation until their time on this Earth finally comes to an end and the beauty beneath their skin shows through in the form of bone.

Detective Malcolm Kier wants nothing more than to pin the murdered woman’s remains on Dr. James Dixon. While the evidence clearly states otherwise, his point of interest remains on the good doctor who was acquitted by a woman they deem “the barracuda”.

Angie Carlson knows what the cops, press, and everyone else around her have nicknamed her. But once the trial is over in which Dixon walked away a free man, she realizes that he is definitely not as innocent as he proclaimed to be.

Malcolm continues searching day and night to find the man responsible for the cleansed bones. Shockingly enough, it is Angie who comes to his aid as she vows to help any way she can. The time they spend together changes from animosity, to fun bickering, into full blown passion that takes them both by surprise. But time is running out as the past and the present collide and it turns the murders into a personal war when Malcolm realizes the next target may very well be the woman he has come to love.

Merciless is an intense novel that keeps you on the edge of your seat from the get go. Ms. Burton takes you on a roller coaster ride, not only with this sensational suspense itself but also as she takes you on a journey into the mind of a hellacious psychopath determined to make art out of murder. There are so many different possible suspects that I could not grasp who was the ultimate culprit until the very end; leaving me feeling extremely satisfied that this writer knew how to shape and mold this tale into the twisted, chilly mystery it became. This outstanding book is a sure bet if you like a creepy, spine-tingling thriller destined to keep you awake long into the night just so you can see who the mastermind is behind the murders.

Caution: This tale contains a scene of a remembered rape as well as blood and gore.

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