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ISBN# 9780984180561/9780984180578
March 1, 2011
Crescent Moon Press
Paperback / e-Book
$14.99 / $5.99
302 Pages
Paranormal Mystery
Rating: 5 Cups

After a brutal attack by boyfriend left Maeve McKenna both physically and emotionally, she renounced her witch powers and moved to a small town as nurse practitioner to recover in peace. The last thing she wanted was to become a witness to a suicide.

Ex-Green Beret, town sheriff Paul Sutton plunges into solving the case of suicide, possible homicide, due to the victim’s connection and similar medical symptoms as that of his father. He also discovers a case that both his father and the victim were investigating just before their sudden diagnoses and health deterioration.

Suspecting an outside force at work in the suicide makes Maeve join forces with Paul to solve the mystery. The attraction between the two increases as the case gets dangerous until Maeve has to break her vow of not using her witch powers to save Paul, putting her love on the line. Will Paul be able to come over his practical nature to love Maeve and solve an old mystery before more people die?

I love this book. From the first chapter it captured my interest, kept me on the edge, and gave me goose bumps until the end. Maeve is a soft-hearted witch with a will of steel which after getting over the emotional trauma with the help of Paul, gets more prominent. Paul is an honorable man but an adrenaline junkie who had to give up as a green beret to take care of his parents and take over his dad’s job as town sheriff. Life becomes more interesting for him when Maeve shifts here and the chemistry between starts like a slow burn which is fed constantly to increase the heat as their association continues. He has the right blend of support and protectiveness for Maeve making them a perfect match. The secondary characters are very interesting individuals and hold their own and compliment the storyline. Ms. Lance has done a wonderful job with putting into fiction the true events which inspired her in the first place. Gives me goose-bumps just thinking about what happened in those old times where women could hardly fight for their rights. I would definitely keep an eye out for more books by this author especially ones which include the Jewels, Maeve and rest of the lovable cast. If you are a fan of ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Charmed’ series, you will love this.

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