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Brac Pack Series

Book 1 - Maverick’s Mate
Book 2 - Hawk’s Pretty Baby
Book 3 - Sunshine's Savior
Book 4: Remi's Pup
Book 5: Stormy Eyes
Book 6: Oliver's Heart
Book 7: Keata's Promise
Book 8: George's Turn
Book 9: Loco's Love
Book 10: Lewis' Dream


Brac Pack, Book 1
ISBN#: 1610343190
February 2011
Siren Publishing
94 Pages
Erotic Alternative, Paranormal Romance, M/M, Werewolf
Rating: 3 Cups

When he came out Maverick Brac was forced to make the decision to leave his father’s pack and start out on his own. The responsibility and protection of his pack is one that he has shouldered well, but he is beginning to worry that none of them are ever going to find their mates.

He has been beaten down and pushed around for so long Cecil Walters barely remembers a time when he was in control of his life. His current, soon to be ex-boyfriend, has finally pushed him to his limit, but he is terrified of the reaction he will receive when he walks away.

After all of these years Maverick has finally found his mate, and in a coffee shop no less, but he needs to control his urges, because this little man is tiny and human. A public claiming would terrify him, and probably get Maverick arrested, but he knows with absolute certainty this man is his. Cecil is dumbfounded with the events that have led him to Maverick’s home, and as hard as he tries to ignore it, the desire to submit everything to this huge man is tremendous. The centuries of waiting are over, but the biggest test is yet to come for Maverick when a very jealous wolf targets his darling little mate.

This Brac Pack is chock full of some of the sexiest and most sensitive weres you will ever come across. Maverick may be massive, but he has a heart that truly matches his size, and he pours all of that emotion into every minute he spends with Cecil. They may seem like a completely incongruous pair, but it is fun to see Cecil put the big guy in his place. This hot little number is just the beginning, and I am looking forward to many more.

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