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ISBN: 9781419923883
16 October 2009
Ellora’s Cave
71 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Kira has not just left her fiancé, Michael; she flat ran away when he tried to take their light sex games into a more dominant versus submissive lifestyle. She still misses Michael and dreams about belonging to him, but stays afraid of surrendering herself to him.

Michael has castigated himself for the rushed way he tried to introduce dominance into his and Kira’s life during their engagement. When he learns that she is not eating well, he becomes concerned, but finding out she needs sleeping pills, Michael knows he must intervene.

When a friend arranges for the two to get together, they are both slightly hesitant about how to go on. Soon though, the love the couple has for each other allows them to try the relationship they both want. But is Kira willing to accept the punishment for running away?

Kira’s reluctance to surrender while being fascinated by the master-slave concept is something many women will be able to connect with in this erotic romance. Michael’s worry about how far to go now that he has Kira again was also well done. How Michael showed his hopes to try and please Kira and establish their lifelong loving with dominant and submissive relationship is the most moving part of the book. The sex is great and very hot, not at all restrained (I couldn’t resist-sorry), but every act is thrilling. It is helpful to have a cold drink nearby to take some of the heat away. The ending is good albeit quick and I’ll read more from the author, Ms Starbright.

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