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Masters of Submission Series

Book 1: Master of Submission
Book 2: Destined for the Dom
Book 3: Taming the Boss Lady
Book 4: Master and Inquisitor
Book 5: The Dom with the Dragon Tattoo
Book 6: Master's Pet
Novella: Her Dream Dom

ISBN# 9781627405317
September 2013
Siren Publishing
105 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

As the owner of an extremely successful construction company, Cole Rossi knows exactly how to give an order and see that it is followed, whether on the job or in his bed.

At the lowest point in her life, Jessica Summers finds the true meaning of belonging.

There is a fine line Cole must tread to give Jessica everything she needs, while still maintaining his authority. What he will never tolerate is her harboring feelings for an ex that has absolutely no business in her thoughts. She must decide for herself if what they have is worth facing her worst fears and conquering them.

The D/s relationship between Cole and Jessica is a wild blend of pain, submission and absolute ecstasy. So it seems surprising to me that Jessica is as vulnerable and unstable as she is. I also get the uneasy impression she feels like she is less than nothing without her Master. In my opinion, it takes characters that are very secure in their skin to make a story like this come to life.

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