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Masters of the Shadowlands Series
Book 1: Club Shadowlands
Book 2: Dark Citadel
Book 3: Breaking Free
Book 4: Lean on Me
Book 5: Make Me, Sir
Book 6: To Command and Collar
Book 7: This is Who I Am
Book 8: If Only

ISBN#: 978-1-59632-965-2
June 2009
Loose Id
143 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Beth has recently escaped from her sadistic and insane husband. She has scars both inside and out. Despite her past, she is still drawn to the BDSM lifestyle but has to learn to trust again.

Nolan is former military and a successful contractor recently returned from a job in Iraq. A lying ex-wife has made him reluctant to trust and keep a permanent sub but it is tiresome to have a different one every night.

Beth has been unable to feel anything but fear since escaping from her husband, but is desperate to have a life again. Club Shadowlands seems like the perfect place for her, but she still cannot find the satisfaction she craves until Master Nolan is assigned to her. He knows that she has been hurt before but is determined to win her trust. She is desperate to hide her past but her lies and Kyler will soon catch up with her.

This is an exceptionally well written BDSM story. The violent past of the heroine could be upsetting to some but is integral to the plot. Beth is a strong person despite her past and I like that she never gives up or really gives in, except to Nolan who only has her best interests at heart. Nolan is a great character, a big tough guy with a sense of honor. His friends are all like him too so I will have to read the rest of this series. The plot is full of twists and turns and the danger that Beth’s husband poses adds suspense to the plot. The love scenes are both hot and tender, and the climactic scene is a real nail biter to say the least.

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