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ISBN #978-1-60737-880-8
October 2010
Loose Id
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176 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Kalinda is a wilderness guide and lives with her three cousins. She has been part of their family since she was fourteen after being passed around several other relatives. Though tiny and delicate looking, she dresses like a man and seems as tough as any of her cousins.

Jake Hunt runs Serenity Lodge with his brother Logan. He is big, rugged and attractive, despite the scar on his face. He and his brother are heavily into the BDSM lifestyle. Since the death of his ex, Jake shies away from commitment.

There is not a more unlikely pairing in Bear Flats than that of Jake Hunt and Kalinda Masterson. Jake is into an alternative lifestyle and shies from commitment, having a “one night only” rule he follows religiously. Kalinda is tough, dresses like a guy, and has three large and overprotective cousins. Business brings them together and Jake discovers that the tough and independent guide is a natural sub, but he cannot keep her for more than one night. Someone else has taken an interest in Kalinda and his plans are much more permanent.

This story will appeal to more than just BDSM fans. That element is very well presented in many different aspects, but the suspense portion of the book is just as appealing. The author keeps you both hot and at the edge of your seat. Kalinda is a wonderful character, like her clothing, she is rough and tough on the outside, but that is a façade to cover a wounded psyche. To the reader it will be obvious that she is much loved by her cousins, but she still fears rejection and thinks that she is unlovable. That angle and the mysterious serial killer will keep the reader turning pages until the very satisfying conclusion.

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