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ISBN: 9781926950471
May 2011
Evernight Publishing
180 Pages
BDSM Romance
Rating: 4 Cups


Lady Roxanne and Elliott started off by getting to know one another through online conversations. When they finally meet, their date is anything but painless.

I loved this novel. Not only was the sex scorching hot but the details are bold and vivid to the point that I could almost feel the sting of the cat o’ nine tails myself. Ms. Gallagher did a brilliant job. I want more!

Tempted (Dark Lust)

Athena has always wanted to experience the bite of a vampire. When she finally gets her fantasy fulfilled threefold, it is unlike anything she has experienced before.

I loved this wicked tale by Jenika Snow. The scenes are tantalizing, sensational, and left me wanting a vampire or two of my own. The emotional push and pull that Athena feels comes through loud and clear which tells you the author used dramatic and lush details to describe this story.

Spice it Up

Kellee has been chatting it up with a man online during work hours and when he asks her to meet him at a club, she agrees. After leaving the club, Jed takes Kellee back to his place where he gives her an in depth tutorial on the world of domination and submission.

Ms. O’ Hurley not only gives us a tangy tale, she uses great imagination to show that Kellee is new to the BDSM world. I love how the characters are both anticipating meeting each other and the heated attraction they feel once they are face to face. The ending is particularly brilliant and leaves me hoping we get to see more of Kellee and Jed.

Lady Blake’s Tales

As a Matcher, Lady Ferran Blake was revered and since she was demoted to Taleteller, she now uses those experiences to entertain the Queen. The story she explicitly tells the Queen involves a young girl named Arrabelle and Devon, a man destined to dominate the young girl in every hedonistic way possible.

Pepper Anthony’s tale of two new lovers is red-hot and full of moments that go beyond just sex. The way Arrabelle is “tested” before even meeting the Matcher’s choice is an added bonus. The BDSM element goes even further as we watch a young girl go from someone who had only desired to be bound to actually having her fantasies come alive.

After the Honeymoon

Keith and Michelle know that their marriage is on the rocks unless they can do something quick to fix it. When a co-worker and a friend help them out, Keith and Michelle suddenly find their stale marriage sparking with new life and vitality.

I loved this story! The emotional trauma that Keith and Michelle feel comes through crystal clear and left me feeling empathy for the married couple as they try to figure out how to save their marriage. Ms. Clark has written a tale that leaves you breathless with sadness, tingly with passion, and tied up in knots as you wait to see if the change in the bedroom will salvage their relationship.

Hidden Pleasures

Jill is shocked to find her husband at home during a work day but when she sees Ty watching a BDSM porn video, it completely blows her mind. Married for two years with a vanilla sex life, Ty and Jill suddenly learn how much the other one wants the hedonistic pleasure BDSM offers them.

Ms. Monroe takes a very realistic married couple and adds the elements of BDSM to spin a tale of hot sex. I love how Jill is portrayed in this story as a woman willing to try to please her husband, even if it means stepping into the unknown. At the same time, seeing Ty give up the dominant world for the woman he loves shows me that these two really love each other and are willing to step out of their comfort zone to please the other one. I loved this tale!


Sienna knows her father has groomed her to marry the perfect gentleman but there is something about Xavier that has her craving the hard-edged man. He is like a drug that she is addicted to and each slap, pinch, and order has her aching for more of his tough love.

The sex is outstanding in this story. The way Ms. Saint James describes every caress, stroke, pinch, slap, and sexual position leaves the reader wanting to immediately find something to waylay someone and get the satisfaction their own body craves. While the tale is hot, I do wish there would have been closure to this story so we would know the outcome of Sienna and Xavier’s relationship.

Bad Romance

Ashe Davidson just wanted to get rid of the cabin her mother told her to burn down but when she stepped inside, she was shocked to find herself confronted by Jason, a half-man/half-beast. The events that follow will leave Ashe feeling fear, frustration, anger, hurt, and lust.

Ms. Hosack takes the paranormal genre one step further when she adds the element of BDSM into this tale. The way Ashe and Jason try to figure out whether they are each others’ enemy even as they fight the lust they feel toward the other person just adds intensity to the storyline. Add in Ashe’s family complications and you have a story that will have you begging for more.

Taken for Pleasure

Duncan Morrison and Alyssa Cox thought they had a marriage made in heaven until the day their world came crashing down. Now, thanks in part to a scandalous rumor flying around, Duncan is going to get Alyssa to talk even if it means spanking some sense into her.

Here you have a marriage that seems to have it all only to find out it has secrets that nearly destroy the characters. Ms. Rain uses some powerful emotions, settings, and plots to write this tale of lustful woe. I do wish there would have been more closure to the story, especially in regards to the vindictive Nicole.

Master of Mine: BDSM Anthology has nine sensational stories told by nine very different voices. I loved how each one surrounded a relationship, especially the ones where it involved a married couple on the brink of disaster. These components added realism and hints of sadness you may not find in other BDSM stories. To top off the already complexity of these different couples, you have the bondage, spanking, domination, and many other forms of sexual pleasure that leaves you tingling and craving more. You cannot go wrong by reading this tale as it will leave you wanting more.

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