Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 978-1-60272-539-3/978-1-60272-863-9
7th July 2009
Amber Quill Press
373 pages
Fantasy/fantasy romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Silhara of Neith – The master of crows has never played the games or jumped through the hoops that Conclave wanted, that is why he was exiled to start with. But now he needs their help. The once imprisoned god Corruption has broken free of his bonds and wants Silhara to willingly allow his possession. Maybe, with the help of Conclave, he can find a ritual in his ancient tombs to rid the world of corruption.

Martise of Asher is an excellent scribe and translator of ancient texts, but has never managed to find the trigger of her gift even though she was trained by the priests of Conclave. A failed mage and a servant of the high priest, Martise willingly agrees to spy on the Master of Crows, to find evidence to condemn him to death in order to secure her freedom.

Martise soon finds herself with more tasks than she thought. As an orange farmer, Silhara needs to harvest and as he can’t even frighten her gift from her, he has given up on training Martise in the art of the mage. But after a nearly fatal run-in with a lich they discover Martise can use her gift but only to boost another’s magic. This is a secret that must be kept. If anyone else finds out, they could use her against her will. Silhara knows he must find a way to defeat Corruption without Martise’s help. Even if it kills him, she must be kept safe.

Silhara is the most contrite man I’ve ever met. He is by turn callous and sarcastic and one of the most adorable heroes ever written. He treats what is his with such kindness and affection, from his oranges to his dog. Martise is a wise and vibrant woman who through years of slavery knows how to control her emotions except of course when it comes to Silhara. This is a long and imaginative story that grips you in the first few pages and leaves you looking for more of this orange loving pair after it finishes. Ms. Draven has an imagination for storytelling and world building. Her descriptions are so clear and colorful I could all but smell the oranges in the grove.

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