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ISBN: 1606019236
October 2010
Siren Publishing
191 Pages
Erotic Romance; Paranormal; Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Miranda is just fourteen years old when she wakes up to find she has been kidnapped and drugged. The next five and a half years are full of rape, torture, and unimaginable pain and suffering.

Mitch is the second-in-command of his coven. He knows that in order to stay that way he cannot become involved long term with anyone except his chosen mate.

Miranda has fought to keep part of her individuality and goodness but her first mission may demolish any goodness left inside her. Meeting Mitch seems to be the perfect opportunity for her to escape her prison. From the first moment they meet, they feel something which leads to falling in love with each other. Once she attains her freedom from her evil coven, will Mitch and Miranda get the chance to explore their feelings for each other or are they destined to be apart forever?

Master Me is a great book full of adventure, pain, anger, hope, love, and a woman’s will to survive the unbelievable. Ms. Hill uses a world of magic to tell a story. I thought the way Miranda still held parts of her true self within gave me an idea of who her character truly was. The evil coven leader is detailed in such a way that I could practically feel the evilness pouring out of this book in waves. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel.

Caution: While it does not go into detail, rape, torture, mental abuse, and physical abuse is a major part of this tale.

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