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The Bastion Club Series
  Book 1- Captain Jack's Woman
  Book 2- A Lady Chosen
  Book 3- A Gentleman's Honor
  Book 4 - A Lady of his Own
  Book 5 - A Fine Passion
  Book 6 - To Distraction
  Book 7 - Beyond Seduction
  Book 8 - The Edge of Desire
  Book 9 - Mastered by Love

ISBN- 9780061246371
July 28, 2009
Avon Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
$7.99 US/ $10.99 CAN
480 pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Raised at Wolverstone Castle since the age of six, Minerva Chesterton is used to the ways of the Varisey family. Now chatelaine of the castle, Minerva is bound by the deathbed promises she made to the couple who raised her. A missive sent to the only legitimate heir to Wolverstone places her in quite the predicament.

Royce Varisey was banished from Wolverstone Castle at the age of twenty-two by his father. Royce changed his name and went to serve the Crown. His intent after fulfilling his duty to his King was to return home to mend relations with his father, but a letter from the chatelaine of his family’s estate has him returning home to fulfill his familial duties…as the tenth duke of Wolverstone.

Royce returns to the castle to find Minerva has grown up in the sixteen years he has been gone. The only return he made to the area in all of those years was for his mother’s funeral. Now, he has the title and duties of Duke thrust upon him. The grande dames of the ton are requiring him to pick a bride. The Prince Regent is inquiring about how to take the lands and monies from Wolverstone since Royce is not married nor has he produced an heir. Minerva is the only light in his world. She is able to guide him through the formalities of the funeral, but her heart weighs heavy at the thought of Royce picking a bride. Life takes these two on a ride full of twists and turns.

The humor, romance and intrigue kept me flipping the pages to discover the next secret hidden within its covers. Poor Royce and the ladies in his life! While I could commiserate with him, I also laughed at the hoops these women kept him jumping through. As if Royce’s life wasn’t in enough turmoil with the loss of his father, the threat against his Dukedom keeps his temper flaring. Minerva is such a calming force throughout the story, yet her hidden agendas brought a smile to my face. Stephanie Laurens has another winner on her hands with this latest addition to the Bastion Club series.

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