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ISBN# 9781937698614
March 2012
Self Published
382 Pages
Thriller Suspense
Rating: 2 Cups

Having procrastinated far too long, Suzy da Sliva needs to nail down her dissertation.  She is unable to get travel funding through the normal channels, but her mentor, Professor Piper, sets up a meeting for her on the spur of the moment with a colleague from The Horus Corporation.

Ben Sanders, also an archaeology student mentored a few years earlier by Professor Piper, has mysteriously disappeared while on a quest similar to the one upon which Suzy is embarking. Bright and energetic, much like Suzy; his disappearance has the archaeological society baffled.

The Horus Corporation agrees to fund the expenses for Suzy’s travel to ascertain the obscure proof needed for her dissertation. The only stipulation is that she must be accompanied by a man named Getsu who is to be her bodyguard.  Her flight leaves the following day.

I was excited for the opportunity to read this book and looked forward to a rollicking adventure.  Unfortunately, however, my experience was quite different.  The first thirty percent entailed a class field trip to a museum and the dry lecturing of Professor Piper as the class trailed him dutifully through the exhibits.  The esteemed professor, however, mostly seemed to ignore everybody present, except Suzy.  The disconcerting multitude of glances and winks that Piper subjected Suzy to during this museum trek was outright creepy. Then, the ease with which Suzy acquired last minute research funding seemed ludicrous. There was but one stipulation to receiving this boon.  A bodyguard from Horus Corporation is to accompany Suzy discretely.  Yet young Suzy, who disliked the bodyguard, ditched him almost immediately upon arrival in Egypt.  Later, while clandestinely reconnoitering in the Tomb of King Tut, Suzy and a colleague, witness the odd disappearance of their guide, Dr. Hayworth, yet seem practically unconcerned and rather blasé about the whole incident.  Mainly though, the entire book contained entirely too much descriptive detail.  There were long, rambling passages that attempted to explain and relate far too many theories; numbers, astrology, Christianity, ancient Egyptian practices, and so forth and so on. For me, it was extreme information overload.  Much of the time, I felt as though I was reading a lecture; thankfully interrupted periodically with excitement as someone else disappeared or was dispatched.  I was looking for adventure like with Indiana Jones. Sadly, I was sorely disappointed.    

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