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  Paradise Brides Series
  Book 1 – Marrying Minda
  Book 2 - Marrying Mattie

Book 2 in the Paradise Brides Series
ISBN: 1-60154-807-9
The Wild Rose Press
E-book /Paperback
334 pages
Historical Cactus Rose
Rating: 4 Cups

Caldwell Hackett can tell you everything you want to know about horses. He has followed his dream to becoming a Vet specializing in horses. But if you ask him anything about women, well he thinks he is just clueless, including his inexperience of what goes on in the marital bed.

Mattie Carter is trying to convince Caldwell he has nothing to worry over, that with the love they both feel, nature will take its course. But before they can become man and wife, her first husband stops the wedding claiming that he and Mattie are still legally wed.

Mattie must convince Caldwell that it is not true; that she is legally divorced. But just as one disaster is rearing its ugly head, another is brewing. Horses are becoming sick and dying, and Call must find out who or what is behind this to save not only livestock but also his reputation as a new horse doctor. Will this couple ever make their way down the aisle?

Marrying Mattie has a bit of mystery all rolled up in a spicy romance. It is exciting as well as steamy. Wonderful characters take you on a journey through love and greed in the backdrop of the old west. As you unfold the clues, you unfold a couple’s journey through hard times and the love they truly have for one another.

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