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Incubus Enforcers, Book 1
ISBN: 978-1-59578-856-6
August 22, 2011
Liquid Silver Books
72 Pages
Paranormal / Molten Silver
Rating: 3 Cups

No one can understand the hell that Kamaria Valentin has lived the last couple of years. The rage, lust and unrelenting hunger have driven her to the edge, and her parents did the only thing they could think of by locking her away.

Driven by the need to find and protect the lost, Makhi despairs of ever bringing them all home. He and Caedon might have finally gotten lucky, but only time and patience will tell if they have succeeded.

Kama frees herself from the drug induced agony of the institution to seek out her revenge, but what she finds completely changes her world. She never imagined there could be relief from the demon inside her, and then she learns who and what she really is. Makhi and Caedon revel in Kama’s beauty, and even more they are finding this little hellcat might be exactly what they have looked for. Years of torture have deeply scarred Kama’s soul and it might take every ounce of two demonic powers to heal her broken heart.

I have never read a story with such an intriguing take on the demon world, and I found the concept thoroughly enticing. However, I did find the levels of hell and many of its main players are introduced in such a rapid fire succession it is at times hard to take it all in. Kama, Makhi and Caedon are in and of themselves completely enrapturing, and the sexual power play between their characters is off the charts. Getting to know these characters will definitely peak your interest for book two.

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