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My Greatest Fantasy
Make Mine a Double: Sequel to My Greatest Fantasy

Sequel to My Greatest Fantasy
ISBN: 9781419934377
July 15, 2011
Ellora’s Cave
125 Pages
Contemporary, Ménage, M/M/F
Rating: 4 Cups

With growing dread, Brayden Sinclair watches his lover and partner, Max Lockhart, lead another beautiful woman to their bed. Max’s obsession with finding the perfect woman for them is tearing him apart when he wishes for nothing more than just the two of them forever.

Some women are jerk magnets, but Kaylie Ward is pretty sure she holds the world title. Her last boyfriend left her penniless, homeless and in a pile of debt, but Kaylie will drag herself out of the hole he put her in, even if it means working 24/7.

If not for her friend, Bella, Kaylie would be sleeping in her car right now, but instead she is camped out in the home of two seriously sexy and what looks to be totally in love men. This leads to some very erotic dreams for Kaylie, but the reality becomes even more incredibly passionate when Max and Brayden arrive home unexpectedly. Their search comes to a screeching halt, and for Brayden it is a complete turnaround in his feelings about including a woman in their lives. Max wants this so bad he can barely breathe, but patience and subtlety are not his strong suits, and his heavy-handed approach might destroy the very thing he holds so dear.

The fear of wanting something so badly you can taste it is portrayed so vividly in the actions of Max, Brayden and Kaylie. Max is the dominant, Brayden the peacekeeper and Kaylie the spark that ignites both men into a frenzy of love and lust. Reading the passion not only in the bedroom but in the hearts of these characters is incredibly erotic and it is easy to fall head over heels for these three lovers. Ms. Austin stokes the flames of desire for her characters as well as her readers, and the inevitable explosion leaves everyone burning for more.

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