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ISBN: 978-1-61937-158-3
February 2012
Musa Publishing
250 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Maidens make mistakes and those mistakes must have consequences, or so thought Juliette Markham, a young lady living in Victorian England. A conversation overheard in the kitchen led her to believe that her clandestine trip to the stable with a young man would almost surely lead to a baby. Unfortunately, with her parents out of the country, she had no one to ask about her fears.

Fire had taken everything from Jonathan Everleigh, the Earl of Mercia. His mother survived her loss by escaping into a world of her own creation. Jon, though badly burned, survived because his older friend, Carlton Markham, had brought in new doctors with improved treatment. More than a decade later, when Carl asked him to serve as emergency guardian for his daughter, Jon could only agree.

Jon's reaction to his first introduction to Juliette, however, was anything but paternal. He knew, based on his deceased wife's reaction to him, that he could not be attractive to his ward. Juliette, however, was very attracted to her guardian and he was the only one who could resolve her problem. Jon searched in vain for a willing groom until he realized that he himself might be the best choice. They must first overcome obstacles to their happiness, including misunderstandings between themselves, family dissension, arson and kidnapping.

In Maiden's Mistake, Elizabeth Ashtree crafts a compelling story of a man who has suffered terribly and the woman who wants to heal him. Jon's difficult journey to the understanding that he is deserving of love and Juliette's quest to earn Jon's trust make for a great read. Maiden's Mistake provides the reader with a heart-warming Victorian happily-ever-after.

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