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ISBN: 9780425232354-Paperback/ 9781101180891/ 9781101185704-eBook
March 2010
The Berkley Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.
Paperback / eBook
$15.00-USA/ 18.50-CAN
448 Pages
Fiction; Book Club Reading Guides
Rating: 4 Cups

Vivien Armstrong Gray is a forty-one year old investigative journalist who does whatever it takes to get her story. When she ends up in the crossfire of a deal gone wrong, her unfortunate shooting gets caught on tape and she is suddenly famous for being the journalist who got shot in the behind.

Melanie is Vivien’s sister. Her life began to spin out of control after her husband was in a horrible hunting accident.

When Vivien finds herself out of a job she has high hopes of finding another doing what she loves. However, she soon finds out that most news stations are looking for a “fresh, young” face. Getting a job writing about everyday suburbia does not seem like much, but when Vivien moves in with Melanie the words just pour out. What will happen when Melanie realizes that Vivien is using her everyday errands in a snide column and that she has a secret she has been trying to hide from the world?

Ms. Wax has a way of writing that brings her characters to life. As the reader, we get to see Vivien mature from a self-absorbed woman who has an air of self-importance to someone that her stressed out sister can rely on. The reader will relate to Melanie as she is the image of every working mother, struggling to hold a job, run multiple errands, deal with hormonal teenagers, and make an effort at living a normal life. Magnolia Wednesdays is a novel full of funny moments, emotional developments, and a realistic storyline.

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