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ISBN#: 9781607670230
February 2009
Tease Publishing LLC
98 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Cora Burlington comes from a family full of magic and is surrounded by it at all times. When she graduated high school, her one goal was to go away to school, but her family would not hear of it.

Steven Ipswich is one of Cora’s fellow classmates. When he uses a little personal magic he found himself with a powerful vision of him and Cora.

She does not want to be attracted to Steven as she is already involved with someone else, one of her professors at the college. With the year being 1965, Cora knows women have the right to make choices but her body is indecisive. While her heart cries out for her teacher, her body gives out traitorous signals of need to Steven. When an evil plot is discovered that includes someone close to Cora, who will be the man she will turn to and will it be too late to save her friends?

Ms. Merlin amazed me with this story. From the beginning until the last page, I was enraptured with the time frame as well as the characters. Mage of the Mist shows us how Cora, a college freshman girl, goes from being a young adult to growing up fast in this thrilling tale of magic, sex, lies, and love. Also, I love how the evil character in this story was not recognized right away and how the hero did not stand out from the beginning; it kept me guessing. I fell in love with the characters, the author’s witty telling, the time frame, and I know you will find yourself just as spellbound as I was.

Caution: This tale contains some scenes of BDSM, much older man/younger woman, and is a red hot romance!

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