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ISBN#: 978-1-59632-250-9
March 2006
Loose ID, LLC
107 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Archer, an Australian ruffian, is a man with an interesting gift: the gift of psychic fire. Pulled into a world he did not even know existed until he met his Elven mate Roman, he now fights as a magical soldier in the fairy queen Tania’s army. He is so loyal he will even kill those whom Tania sends him against, and who work evil magic.

Roman, an uptight but suave and urbane elf, is Archer’s lover and mate. While he loves Archer, he is forever trying to get him to see the potential in himself. Convinced Archer can be much more than he is, Roman spends much of his time trying to improve Archer, which of course drives Archer crazy, and makes him more inclined to act out his baser traits in order to get a reaction.

When an old lover of Roman’s enters the scene it is unclear what his motives are. While Heron, the former lover, professes he means no harm and is there purely on business for Queen Tania, Archer remains unconvinced. The murky mirror of destiny begins to reveal their fates when Archer does something none of those in the magical household expects. Archer’s actions define the outcome of what becomes a course to see who is and who is not a true ally.

This book is a gratifying read. The characters are well drawn and the story line is tight and moves quickly. Ms. Veinglory’s descriptions of Archer’s gift were detailed and easily understandable, without being repetitive. I look forward to reading more books by this excellent author who has a flair for creating a story line which is both fun to read and visually descriptive.

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