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ISBN: 9781419927256
August 2010
Ellora’s Cave Twilight, an imprint of Ellora’s Cave Publishing
140 Pages
Erotic Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Lana Sorenson is used to the stares that her body and beauty gets her. But there is something different about Richard, something that allows her to open herself to him.

What Lana does not know is that Richard is a vampire. When she finds out the truth, he will have to decide where their relationship must go from there.

When he is around the oh-so-tempting Lana, all he can think about is making love to her and tasting her succulent blood. However, he is afraid to go so far due to a past mistake that cost him another woman he loved. Can Lana convince Richard that he is not the monstrosity he sees himself as, but a gentleman vampire who has her love for all eternity?

Madison Avenue Vampire is a good book; adding the paranormal genre to the erotica genre. On top of that, Ms. Reynolds gives Richard such haunting qualities that as the reader we can practically feel his every need, his desire, his lust, and his sorrow for all that has occurred in his life and death. Add in Lana’s complicated and twisted relationship with how her father was towards her and the complexities within the storyline make this a heartrending tale.

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