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Anything Goes Series
Book 1 - Lust & Fae
Book 2 - Lust & Vamp

Book 2 in the Anything Goes Series
ISBN#: 978-1-920484-50-7
December 2010
Silver Publishing
161 Pages
Gay, Menage, Paranormal/Alternate World, Romance, Vampires
Rating: 5 Cups

Temp is a lust demon and a very easy going one at that. He and his friends run a sex club called ‘Anything Goes’ that allows humans to come and have their fantasies fulfilled while the lust demons are able to feed off their lust.

Reid is a vampire and an exotic dancer. He applied for a job as a dancer at ‘Anything Goes’, and was summarily captured by Halfers, demons who were once human and have since gone to hell and lost all of their humanity.

When Temp and his friends go to destroy a Halfer nest and rescue anyone who is still alive that they have captured, he has no idea he is about to meet his mate. When they arrive and are able to kill all the Halfers, they find a group of victims still alive, including a beautiful small man that Temp almost immediately goes and picks up. Just as he does so, the victim says he is thirsty and Temp thinks he means for water, however, it becomes clear very quickly that it is not water that he wants, but blood. Before Temp can even take a breath, the stunning man lifts his shirt and sinks his fangs into his chest right over his heart. Temp has a reaction he cannot control to the sexy little man’s actions and when his friend tells him that he is now mated to the man, Temp is stunned. When he almost attacks one of his best friends because he has a sudden surge of anger, that surprises him even more. However, after Reid explains it is all part of their mating, he is able to calm down. Unfortunately, when he discovers that Reid is a stripper and still intends to work at the club, he becomes very angry and does not understand. Will he be able to handle what Reid does for a living, or will it drive the two apart and make their mating hell on Earth?

"Lust & Vamp" is the second book in the Anything Goes series and has quickly become one of my favorite reads! The world that Ms. Flynn has created in the Anything Goes series is both imaginative and entertaining. I liked how she differentiated between born demons and made demons, the Halfers, both of which are completely different. I really loved reading about the love that so quickly springs up between Temp and Reid, and the fact that it was not an easy love for either of them. I thought the author did a good job of showing the horrors Reid went through without being so explicit that it makes you want to stop reading. While I understand as a reader that a certain amount of graphic violence is sometimes necessary for a story, Ms. Flynn has the talent of adding just the right amount without going overboard. Above all, one of my most favorite things about Ms. Flynn is her ability to write what is truly a love story, no matter how many partners or how much sex is involved; it is always about the emotions. This is quite simply another winner and I am waiting anxiously for the next book in this series. Make sure you go out and pick up copies of “Lust & Fae” and “Lust & Vamp”, you will not be sorry!

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