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Misadventures of a Wanton Hussy Series
Book 1: Lumina

Misadventures of a Wanton Hussy, Book 1
ISBN: 9781926950990
Evernight Publishing
110 Pages
Erotic Historical Romance; Multiple Partners
Rating: 2 Cups

Isabelle, a seventeen-year-old country girl, is being taken from her home and siblings to live with her aunt, the Comtess de Charbonneau and a woman who she has only heard about with great disdain. While she is not afraid to leave her mother, she is afraid for her siblings and what will become of them later in life.

Salvatore is the Comtess’ solicitor and he finds her newest acquisition more intriguing than he wants to. The only way he knows how to stave off the attraction he feels for the country girl is through harsh words and even harsher actions.

As Isabelle learns the way of the world through her aunt’s tightly controlled fists, she finds herself more and more fascinated with Salvatore, a man who has been given the job of teaching her what she needs to know. When she finds out that her virginity is going to be auctioned off to a man of the Comtess’ choosing, Salvatore finds it in his hard heart to help her get away. But as time passes by, Isabelle’s innocence gives way to a more decadent and hedonistic lifestyle unlike anything she has imagined. Now known as the infamous Lumina, Isabelle is determined to get her revenge on the man she was denied both with her body and heart and no one will stop her.

Usually, cracking open a Georgia Fox novel brings about an adrenaline rush of anticipation. In this instance, however, I must state I had a very hard time getting into this book. Not only was Isabelle’s character very contrary at certain points, but sometimes the subject matter made me feel uncomfortable and had me wanting to put the book down and not pick it back up. I did think the overall plotline was strong as Salvatore, Isabelle and their issues were intertwined throughout the pages. But overall, I would not read Lumina a second time. I do strongly urge that if this is the first book of the author’s that you were going to read or have already read that you check out her other books as it gives you a great idea of how much she usually shines.

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