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A Lucky O’Toole Adventure Series
Book 1: Wanna Get Lucky?
Book 2: Lucky Stiff

A Lucky O’Toole Vegas Adventure, Book 2
ISBN: 9780765325440/ 9781429994873
February 2011
Forge Books, a division of Tom Doherty Associates, LLC
Hardcover/ eBook
$24.99/ $11.99
368 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Lucky O’Toole knows when it comes right down to it, Fight Night in Vegas is anything but calm. But she never expected it to be deadly.

Beautiful Jeremy Whitlock is Miss Patterson’s, Lucky’s trusty assistant, boyfriend. He also happens to be the number one suspect in a murder investigation that smells funny.

Teddie is Lucky’s boyfriend whose music career begins to skyrocket faster than he can blink. Leaving behind the glitz of Las Vegas is not as hard as leaving his lovely girlfriend, but fame is calling his name.

Just as Lucky gets a handle on all the chaos in her life, thanks to her working at a mega-resort on the strip, more obstacles come pouring in. Not only does she have to clear Beautiful Jeremy Whitlock’s name, she has to come to terms with the fact her own boyfriend is out of the state and in the clutches of who knows how many beautiful women. To top it off, she has a new temperamental French chef who could put any bridezilla to shame, and then her mother comes up with another one of her GRAND schemes. Could life get any more chaotic for Lucky? She should not have asked.

I had the privilege of reading the first Lucky O’Toole in the series and while you do not need to read it to understand Lucky Stiff, I would recommend you do just so you can see how amazing these adventures are. Deborah Coonts once again has hit upon a winning hand when she introduces us to a crazy Fight Night weekend on the strip. Between the outrageous guests staying at the hotel, to Lucky’s uncouth mother, the mystery surrounding the murder victim and watching Lucky try to juggle her newfound relationship, you will not want to put this novel down. The comedy, action, mystery and romance will get your pulse pounding from the get go and will leave your heart racing the whole time you read this book.

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